Dog Policy


YES! We’re a Dog friendly inn!


As dog owners ourselves, we understand how important it is for you to bring your fido. Guests may bring up to two (2) well-behaved, non-aggressive, crated and potty trained dogs with them for their stay with us. Our “Fido Fee” is $25 per dog per night.  Sorry, no cats or other pets are allowed!

Our Northern New Mexico B&B was constructed with wood and concrete flooring throughout to accommodate canine visitors and we have many areas in the national forest for walking and exercising your family Fido. With all this in mind, we ask that you comply with our pets allowed policy. If you intend to bring your dog(s), it’s very important that you read the following.

  1. Pets are not allowed in the main lodge/office building.
  2. Please keep your dog(s) on a lease when on the Elk Mountain Lodge property and do not let them run around unattended.
  3. If a guest attempts to “sneak” their pet(s) in without paying, we will automatically process charges to their credit card in the amount of $50 per dog per night!
  4. Most of our guests are “dog people” but please be respectful of those who are not.
  5. Remember to bring your dog kennel(s) and doggie bed(s) because dogs are NOT allowed on any of the furniture in any of our rooms.
  6. All pets must be good ‘citizens’ and must not be ‘constant barkers’. We do not allow aggressive dogs on our property.
  7. While on our property, guests with dogs assume all liability for:
    • Injuries and vet bills to/for their own dog(s),
    • Injuries and vet bills for any other person’s dog(s)/animals,
    • Damages caused by their dog(s) to another’s personal property and
    • For personal or bodily injury inflicted by their dog(s) on any person.
    • Simply put, you are liable for and will be held accountable for any bad behavior from your animal while you’re on our property.
  8. Guests must pick up after their pets when they “doo what they do”. Plastic bags are provided and available next to the trash receptacle, which is centrally located between all the rooms (just north of the Ponderosa Room). Whether you bring your own or use ours, you MUST use plastic bags and dispose of your dogs waste in the provided trashcan!
  9. Pets are strictly NOT allowed in any of the Jacuzzi tubs or spas!
  10. Do not leave your pets in your room unattended when you go out. This always leads to problems. Your fellow guests may not be very patient with a barking dog. One complaint from your neighboring guests will result in immediate eviction. Further, owners of problem animals will be forced to leave without refund. Unfortunately, we do not have a pet boarding or daycare facility so please plan accordingly.
  11. Because you may not leave your pet unattended in your room, we will be happy to make your breakfast to go so that you may eat in your room.
  12. Acceptable dog exercise areas are 50 yards to the north of our main lodge building (in the Santa Fe National Forest) and on the south central portion of our property. Ask for details when you check in.
  13. We also supply each room with towels that are laundered seconds (clean but not ‘first quality’) so that you may wipe dirty paws before entering your room. Please ask if you are unsure which towels are for such use.
  14. And while we at Elk Mountain Lodge love pets, our human guests are our primary concern. Each room is thoroughly cleaned after our canine visitors depart. However, any damages caused by your dog(s), including but not limited to non-removable stains, chewed furniture, ruined mattresses, blinds or any other destruction of furnishing etc. in your room or on our grounds will constitute replacement at your expense. By booking with us, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  15. This policy and subsequent additional rate(s) also applies to any dogs visiting our property even if only for a short time (i.e., guests receiving unbooked visitor(s) who have dogs,etc.).  If a dog enters your room, we will have to clean it as though the animal stayed overnight and the $20 per night per dog rate will apply.

Please understand that we wish ALL of our guests a perfect experience here at the Elk Mountain Lodge. We thank you for taking the time to read our Pet Policy. If you have any further questions about lodging with your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us!

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