Child Policy

Family Hike


We are a QUIET AND PEACEFUL INN!   Even though we allow children to stay at the Elk Mountain Lodge, we wish you to know that they must be respectful of our property, our animals and other guests quiet time.  The minimum age for children staying with us is 10 years or older.  The $25 per person fee for extra guests applies to children.  Our property is a great place for kids to play and we have pets that are child friendly. However, please be aware that other guests are also allowed to bring their dogs that may or may not be as gentle as our dogs.

Rules for children that we’d like all parents to understand in advance:

  • Children must be supervised when they’re on the property; while playing, spending time in the hammocks, petting the animals, and walking the grounds and gardens.
  • Campfires are not to be left unattended when children are present nor are children allowed to start any campfires.
  •  Children can be very curious and interestingly destructive. Anything that is damaged will be assessed for cleaning/repairing/replacing. We’ll let you know of such assessments and may use your credit card information on file to cover the costs.
  • If your family chooses to eat breakfast in the main lobby with the other guests, we expect children to practice their manners and decorum. We have guest rooms adjacent to the breakfast area and parents are required to remove loud or unruly children so as to not disturb guests in those rooms.
  • If another guest complains about the actions of your child/children, we will be forced to discuss this issue with you to determine whether or not your booking will be cancelled. If other guests leave early or ask to be moved to another room because of your unruly children, you will also be responsible for the costs and/or booking losses.
  • If your children are not supervised and respectful of these rules, you will be asked to leave without refund.

Thank you in advance for your adherence to this policy. We desire that ALL of our guests have a very comfortable and memorable experience!

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