Nature Tours in The Valles Caldera

Nature Tours in The Valles Caldera

The Elk Mountain Lodge is situated right on the edge of one of the most amazing attractions in the southwest US – it’s basically right here in our back yard.  The Valles Caldera’s 89,000 acres is home to a large variety of wildlife such as raptors, elk, bear, deer and many species of fish.  A trip through only a small portion of the preserve can yield volumes of photos, memories and also amazing exposure to nature’s beauty.

Sure, many people have driven past the vast open meadow that is only a small portion of the crater but most people have never really experienced the heart of this amazing place.  As a matter of fact, most people don’t even know that you can take guided van tours through the immense forested areas that are also a part of the Caldera!  If you’re one of such passer’s by, you should read on…

Beautiful natural resources of the Valles are brought to you via these tours that are offered and organized by the Preserve.  There are many different categories of tours that range from artistry to geology to wildlife!  Within each category, you can typically choose different dates and times that fit your schedule.  Further, the costs are relatively minimal for a one hour tour.  Stops along the route offer a great place to take magnificent pictures of some of the most stunning mountain areas of the entire southwest.  Experience wildlife, archeology and the history of the Caldera while someone else drives!

If you have your own horses and would rather tour by horseback you can do that too!  Applications and reservations are typically made well in advance but it’s not impossible to sign up at the staging area on a daily basis.  Rides may be booked between mid May to the first of September.  Fees, rules and schedules may be viewed on their website or by calling 866-382-5537.

The lodge is a short 13 miles southwest of the entrance to the Preserve and 8 miles north of the Caldera’s administrative offices down in Jemez Springs.  We can provide you with more information during your stay with us – just let us know that you are interested.  Things like this are a favorite discussion over breakfast so make your reservations today and start enjoying the mountain life!  Call us at 575-829-3159 for more information.

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