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Fourth of July in Jemez Springs

If you’ve never been to the Jemez Mountains for the 4th of July, you have indeed missed a wonderful event.  This small home-town occasion brings you back to a time when baseball, apple pie and ice cream were the highlights of the best Independence day ever.  A quaint old fashioned traditional parade, slap-your-knee funny duck races, oohs and ahhs from the firework display…  It’s all here.


The Town ordered the fireworks weeks ago with faith that some much needed rains would fall.  The conditions otherwise are typically perfect.  Warm days and mild evening temperatures make the Jemez Mountains the perfect place to celebrate the 4th.  And, if you’ve never experienced a fireworks display from behind the scenes, click on the link below to watch this 8 minute video from the 2010 celebration.  It’s a great showing of the fire fighters that actually orchestrate the show at dark.  If you listen closely, you can hear Independence Day music, the echo of the fireworks report on the canyon walls and the crowds cheering!  Goosebumps included.

The parade starts at 10:00a.m. so get their early!  Bring a lawn chair, some soda pop and settle in for a great time.  Then, visit the arts and craft booths and other events at the park.  Maybe take in some lunch at one of the local restaurants or go fishing until dusk.   Make this an annual occasion!  And don’t forget to book your room with Elk Mountain Lodge for next year’s events!  Call us at 575-829-3159 or visit:

Happy Independence Day!